International Max Planck Research School for Demography


The International Max Planck Research School for Demography (IMPRSD)
was operated from 2000-2012 until it was replaced by the
International Advanced Studies in Demography (IDEM) program.
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Who is it for?

IMPRSD is aimed principally at enhancing doctoral research. Thus most students of the School are already enrolled for a PhD. Postdoctoral researchers may also apply for IMPRSD courses. In exceptional circumstances a student who has completed a relevant Masters degree but has yet to enrol for a PhD may also be admitted. Because demography is an interdisciplinary field, students come from many educational backgrounds. However, all need a strong foundation in mathematics and statistics and a good command of English. (A TOEFL score of 600 is usually required).

What is on offer?

IMPRSD offers a wide range of different opportunities for research training. The largest component of IMPRSD's activities takes place at the MPIDR in Rostock. Full or partial funding is available to enable students to come to MPIDR.

Opportunities at MPIDR

Every IMPRSD student at MPIDR takes courses and carries out research. Coursework is expected to take up no more than half a student's time. Thus it is essential that an applicant already has a well-defined research topic to pursue whilst in Rostock. Normally this will be the student's PhD thesis topic. It is also essential that this topic falls within the scope of the research carried out at MPIDR in order to ensure proper supervision. Every IMPRSD student has a research supervisor within MPIDR for the duration of their stay in Rostock, in addition to the thesis supervisor at their home university. The list of relevant research topics is given under "Research at MPIDR". Most courses at MPIDR will take place as part of IMPRSD's Winter Program.

Opportunities at other centres

IMPRSD courses are offered at many participating institutions around Europe. Some centres are able to offer financial support for students at IMPRSD courses.

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