Winter Semester 2012/2013

Measures and Models of Demography

Dr. Peter Wagner

Start: 13 November 2012
End: 29 January 2013
Location:MPI Rostock


Course description:

This course provides an introduction to demographic methods and terminology, with a focus on the mathematics needed to develop a deeper understanding of demography. Based primarily on the book by Preston, Heuveline and Guillot, this course will emphasize the beauty of formal relationships.


The course runs from 13 November 2012 to 29 January 2013 and will involve twelve 90-minute lectures.

Course prerequisites:

Students are expected to understand elementary calculus.


There will be regular complementary exercises. An exam will be held towards the end of the course (in January).

General readings:

Preston, Samuel H, Patrick Heuveline and Michel Guillot. (2001). Demography: Measuring and Modeling Population Processes. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.

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