Summer Semester 2011

The International Max Planck Research School for Demography (IMPRSD)
was operated from 2000-2012 until it was replaced by the
International Advanced Studies in Demography (IDEM) program.
For general information about IDEM, click here.
Number Title Start End Location Instructor
176 Using the Population Register of Historical Quebec 02.05.2011 06.05.2011 Rostock A. Gagnon
146 Population Economics Summer School 01.06.2011 08.06.2011 Rostock J. Goldstein
R. Fenge
133 Perturbation Analysis of Longevity 14.06.2011 24.06.2011 Rostock H. Caswell
189 Introduction to Evolutionary Demography 04.07.2011 09.07.2011 Rostock D. Levitis
103 Applied Panel Data Analysis 11.07.2011 14.07.2011 Rostock J. Brüderl

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