Winter Semester 2008/2009


The International Max Planck Research School for Demography (IMPRSD)
was operated from 2000-2012 until it was replaced by the
International Advanced Studies in Demography (IDEM) program.
For general information about IDEM, click here.
Number Title Start End Location Instructor
301 Applied Event History Analysis 22.10.2008 30.01.2009 MPI Rostock M. Kreyenfeld
319 Applications of Optimization Theory 21.10.2008 16.01.2009 MPI Rostock A. Baudisch
352 Spatial Demography 27.10.2008 30.01.2009 MPI Rostock F. Lagona
383 Demographic Methods of Public Health Research 21.10.2008 03.02.2009 MPI Rostock V. Shkolnikov
226 Fertility Analysis and Modeling 20.10.2008 12.12.2008 MPI Rostock T. Sobotka
299 Research Tools and Presentation Skills 23.10.2008 12.12.2008 MPI Rostock H. Maier

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