Summer Semester 2002

The International Max Planck Research School for Demography (IMPRSD)
was operated from 2000-2012 until it was replaced by the
International Advanced Studies in Demography (IDEM) program.
For general information about IDEM, click here.
Number Title Start End Location Instructor
213 Demographic analysis and computer applications 11.02.2002 08.03.2002 Groningen S. Scherbov
214 Multistate Demography 27.05.2002 05.07.2002 Groningen F. Willekens
103 Twin Research Methodology 29.07.2002 02.08.2002 Odense K. Christensen
H-P Kohler
M. McGue
J. Rodgers
106 Geographic Information Systems in Demography 16.09.2002 26.09.2002 Czech Republic J. Rychtarikova
J. Kraus
115 Applied Population Forecasting 17.06.2002 29.06.2002 The Hague L. van Wissen
N. Keilman
H. Cruijsen
J. de Beer
  Programme de formation en fécondité et santé de la reproduction 08.07.2002 29.08.2002 Louvain D. Tabutin
C. Gourbin
117 Demography of Aging 20.05.2002 24.05.2002 Rome A. Golini
150 Migration: Data Collection and Methods 06.05.2002 10.05.2002 Rome M. Natale
160 Demography of Central and Eastern Europe 02.09.2002 12.09.2002 Czech Republic J. Rychtarikova
182 Life course approach in demography 22.04.2002 03.05.2002 Poland J. Jozwiak
E. Fratzcak
185 Gender and Demography 13.05.2002 17.05.2002 Rome A. Pinelli

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